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PAPERSPACE is a hearty design studio based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was founded by Winston Zane See and Amy Ang Yi-Mae on November of 2016, both passionate architects who are motivated to experiment new ideas and challenge the norms. With years of experience practising architecture under the architecture forefather of Malaysia; BEP Akitek Sdn Bhd, we have managed large commercial scale projects but it is time to go upclose and personal. We are driven by our passion for design and vow to introduce change; a change that is not derived by designers’ ego but rather, a change that puts the well-being of the users above all.


Ultimately, we look at every projects as a collaboration. We are inspired by the diversity of our clients and look forward to work closely together throughout the course of the projects to create exceptional products. We are a small, young, and passionate design house who cares for small projects as much as the big ones. Scale does not matter. Size does not matter. What matters is the design and the realisation of it. Integrity and humility will always be the driving principles behind this studio now and forever.



We are inspired to create ‘meaningful’ spaces by utilising the tropical nature at hand with a contemporary twist. A great architecture is adaptive to its’ context in regards to the local culture, climate, tradition, and resources. Nevertheless, we strive for design that goes beyond aesthetics with utmost respect for practicality and that is our’zero-waste’ mindset going into every projects. In order to achieve a cohesive design product in the end, we are able to lead a team of other consultants such as engineer, quantity surveyors, and other specialist. Aside from that, we are also capable to liaise with local authority to ensure the architecture is compliance to local statutory requirements.

Interior Design

A great design will stimulate your curiosity, tingle with your senses, play with your emotions, and most importantly; functional. This is achievable if we put great architecture and interior design together. The key to a successful interior design to us is when it speaks personalities. We are always interested to listen to your story and translate that into space which you live/work in via the manipulation of lightings, carpentry, fabrics, and even furnishing selection. Since interior design is all about micro detailings, we often design and custom make our furnitures to achieve a more harmonious relationship between architecture and interior.

Project Management

Throughout the process of realising the design, we will coordinate with building contractors and carpenters regarding site issues and other required attention with professionalism and strict ethics. All of our main contractors are appointed via a tender process to ensure a transparent and the best contract possible for our clients. We are orientated towards problem-solving and is dedicated to make all impossible things possible.


Signage, branding, art installation; you name it and we are up for the challenge! We yearn to explore creativity in various other medium aside from architecture and interior design. We believe that arts are interrelated to each other regardless of it’s format. In the end, what we want for our clients is a holistic yet distinctive design which are not condescending within.




We value integrity and we wish to reflect it not just by the way we work, but also through the designs we put out there. We believe communication is always the key to success; not only with clients, business associates, suppliers, or contractors, but we practice freedom of speech internally without any regards to hierarchy as well.


Whilst we recognise that education is important, but at the same time we believe that professionalism comes from attitude and not solely based on qualifications. We encourage anyone and everyone to explore their interest in their own ways. Because of this, our team has no limit.


Designers are humans too. We are not almighty and have flaws but we are not afraid to admit it. A lot of designers spent time talking instead of listening. We vow to listen, understand, and learn whilst sharing our professional insights with all our clients. From experience, we are able to hit the mark very quickly most of the times when there is humility within a collaboration. Knowledge is always a two-ways street. We are not worried about putting our stamp in a project, rather we want the end product to reflect YOU.


Work hard, play hard; as what our parents used to tell us when we were growing up. We would inject fun in every way possible whether it’s through the working environment that is our office space or with our witty and young personalities that make up a huge part of our design studio. Teamwork is quintessential in our line of work as we believe everyone has a voice. In fact it’s the diversity of the various opinions and preferences of every individual which contributes to the richness of a project.